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x_disturbed_x in rp_classifieds

Character's Name: Azrael
Age: 100 though physically he looks to be about twenty.
Gender: Male.
Race/Species: Dragon.
Sexual Orientation: Well... in his clan there really isn't such things as gay, straight, bi. Everyone basically shags whoever they want. XD
Position in Bed: Bottom.
Appearance: Despite being a dragon Az really isn't that tall. In his dragon form he's very much the runt of his clan and in his human form he barely reaches the height of 5'5". Most dragons are usually fairly tall with a muscular build but not Az. He's very slender and he often got picked on because of it while growing up. Since he is a dragon he comes with the claws and fangs in his human form- not the wings though. They were removed forcibly and two twin scars on his back prove he did once have wings. The runt has blonde hair that is cropped short thanks to his brother and sisters playing a prank on him along with brown eyes. He considers his eyes to be pretty dull because they're not a very special type of brown color. Just a normal dull, boring brown.
Personality: He's pretty sweet... once you get to know him. At first he comes off as rude, annoying, and quite frustrating to be around but that's just at first. After what happened he's not very trusting of people and often is paranoid they will hurt him or betray him in the end. However, once you manage to gain his trust (it's hard to do mind you) he because a completely different person as if he has another personality or something. The rude Az is replaced by a sweeter, nice Az though he's still blunt and rude as ever because try as he might Az can't stop himself from acting before thinking most of the time.
Type Character Would be Interested in: Azrael loves complex people. He almost thrives on trying to figure them out and he also has a liking for people with a protective streak. He won't admit it but he likes someone who's a bit possessive.
Type Character Would Despise: Someone who would betray him or hurt him emotionally in some way. Physical abuse he can take but not emotional abuse.
Character's Universe and Setting: A fantasy/medieval setting but I have also used him in future or modern roleplays with fantasy along side them obviously. He is a dragon.
History: Az was the third son and forth child born to his parents who were close friends with the elder of their clan. From birth he was considered the runt and was often picked on. His father, because of this, pulled away so he had more of a relationship with his mother then he did with his father. He lived a normal childhood and started to think about the future when he hit the age ninety which in his clan is when your still considered a child. This was when he started a relationship with Cain who was he elders son and the said was also engaged. He did fall in love with him but eventually the affair was found out and for his punishment he was banished and his wings sliced off. Adultery is considered a serious crime in his clan but it's usually left to the family. However, seeing as he had an affair with the clan elders son this was how he was punished because the other was close to being married.

What hurt the most was that Cain didn't even bother to stop them from acting out his punishment and he nearly died after wandering through the forest for days- the same forest they had dumped his body in. Thankfully though he was found by a crazy witch named Sinya who took him in, and cared for him. He still lives there to this day, helping the witch with potions and other things she might need.
Likes: Flying, the sky, food, animals, flowers, his siblings.
Dislikes: Mean people, criminals, evil in general, vegetables, anyone touching his back, knives.
Plot Points that May Come with Character: Um... I really don't know. His history with his old lover Cain does make an appearance often because it shaped him into who he is now and also mpreg. XD I can get rid of that though.
Other Facts: He's sometimes an idiot so forgive him.


Name: Desiree
How to reach you: email: bulmagirl666@yahoo.com, MSN, kumiko_chan@hotmail.com
Preferred RP Method: Email is the easiest for me.
Your RP style: THird person, past tense or present tense, novel form.
Length Preference: Short paragraph(s).
Peeves: I don't want to be ignored. That's my only pet peeve.
Likes: Open to ideas, easy to contact, friendly OOC.
Comments: I really don't like to do fandom. Sorry... I just prefer my own characters.


It was so dark out. There were barely any stars out and it was a new moon. He shivered. Az hadn't
really liked the dark when he was younger and he had carried that fear with him even as he got older. Being close to one hundred now it was rather pathetic he still feared the dark but in the eyes of his clan he was still considered no more then a child so maybe, in a way, it wasn't /that/ pathetic. Why was he trudging through the forest in the middle of the night anyway? Az shook his head as the memory started playing fresh in his mind. Never mind. He knew why. He just didn't want to remember. It had been a normal day and was nearing afternoon when his father burst into their home looking very angry. He stormed over to where Az was sitting and grabbed him and slapped him.

He didn't manage to get a reason out of his father right away but after awhile he told him that he knew
what had happened. When he had said that his blood ran cold. His father found he was seeing another man- but that wasn't the problem. He was angry because he was seeing the son of the clan elder who was already engaged to another person (woman) and they were highly respected. Almost immediately he was taken to the elder's chambers and then banished. Why hadn't the clan elder's precious son faced punishment? He hadn't been the only one involved in the affair. Hm. It wasn't like he had been in love. It was purely a physical thing but it still hurt that Cain would not even attempt to speak up on his behalf.

Brushing a few strands of his cropped short blonde hair out of his face, his blue eyes reflected fear when he heard something behind him, the boy glancing over his shoulder. It was anyone's guess how far away that noise had been. His hearing was good and much better then a human's hearing so it could've been miles and miles away. Shaking his head, he decided it was just his mind playing tricks on him. If he could he would've changed into his dragon form instead staying in his human form. His wings... they had been ripped off basically. If you looked close enough you could see two bloody wounds on his back where his wings should be. Thankfully they were no longer bleeding but the lack of blood was starting ot get to him- but he tried to ignore it.

If he transformed into his dragon form... what then? He had way to much pride to change into a dragon with no wings so he kept on walking in his human form and eventually passed out.



April 2010

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