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Elfquest: Soulmates dance

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What are social skills?

Character's Name: James
Age: Ranges from 14 to 16, depending on situation
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Modified Human
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual, albeit mostly confused about it
Position in Bed: Entirely submissive
Appearance: James is underweight and very small. Regardless of age he’s under 5’5”. Being somewhat mistreated as a younger child and spending a few years homeless made him very small and wiry. There isn’t an ounce of fat or even a lot of muscle on him. He’s tiny with shaggy dark hair. The dark hair has white streaks through it from the electricity that courses through his body. His skin is very pale and he’s most often seen with visible sparks surrounding him. Being homeless, he’s scruffy and fairly dirty. With a halting type of speech that often involved repeating himself many times and talking slowly, his clothing fits that. He wears loose and thin clothing. They’re often of poor clothing considering he’s broke. But he does his best to clean them when he can.
Personality: Crazy is a good word for him. James has a lot of serious issues. But over all he’s a good kid. He likes pleasing people and will go to great lengths to do what he thinks people want him to do. The problem is that since that’s all he’s worried about, he often freezes when confused and will turn to the nearest person to try and find out what to do.
But with his issues in his history, he often finds himself failing to do anything. With the amount of problems he has that make him freak out he feels like quite a failure. Afraid of people and hospitals and families, especially parents, James spends a lot of his time very nervous and twitchy.
He’s never been close to anyone and has serious issues with closeness. People make him happy at the same time as being very nervous. But once he trusts a person, he hates to break that trust and will bend as much as he possibly can to make sure he’s good and stays on that person’s good side.
At first he often comes across as much younger than he is, a combination of nerves and serious issues. But he can and does grow into his age, though he’s a little behind in development.
Type Character Would be Interested in: Anyone nice and patient. James would actually willing like almost anyone and be willing to try and imitate the first person willing to be nice to him. But I like playing him with a protective older male (either an older teen or a young adult, the age gap can be discussed and controlled by comfort levels) because that’s what’s going to help him the most.
Type Character Would Despise: James doesn’t like mean people, though he might overlook it if the person was willing to try and take care of him. Generally speaking, anyone being nice to him is likeable.
Character's Universe and Setting: This can be either a science-fiction or fantasy setting, although fantasy-tech is more fitting. This is a world with the ability to modify people to add abilities, although the abilities are not perfected by any means. Otherwise, it’s mostly a modern day RP that he was created for.
History: Born into a seemingly normal family, the first two years of James’ life were normal. He was an only child with two loving parents. And then his younger brother was born. George was the apple of his parents’ eyes. He was a good baby, very smart but not healthy. That perfect baby had a severe form of epilepsy that threatened to leave him permanently mentally disabled. There was no way they could deal with that. But the only solution was a serious surgery they didn’t trust. Until the father, an engineer, realized that he could use his other son to control the electrical impulses in his new son’s brain. And that the solution.
At the tender age of three and a half, James was given control over the electricity he could reach inside of other people and in the area around him. It was the best solution the desperate parents could come up with to keep their youngest son being the same loving baby they’d known and loved. James could control George’s brain activity. He could reroute and remove the extra electrical impulses to prevent the seizures. And he did. He was a little boy who wanted to make his parents happy.
For years that was what James was. He followed his brother everywhere, like a little puppy. Taking care of George was his life and George returned the favor. Even though he was younger, he stood up for his fairly odd older brother when needed. They were a team, really. For many years.
When James was 13, there was a new surgery invented. It would give George the ability to live wholly on his own. James would be unneeded. But his parents couldn’t exactly undo what had been done to their older son. But James and George didn’t want to be separated. Which was why they decided to run away. Really, George decided to run away and James followed him.
George was a tough kid and, at 11, had full control over his older brother. James ended up with a job in a small restaurant as a dishwasher being paid in cash at the end of every shift. They had what amounted to a closet with heat to live in and George home-schooled himself while James worked.
Until one fateful night when James, coming home exhausted, fell asleep early. George had a seizure and the half-awake, sleepy older brother took too much electricity from his brother’s brain. George died that night. And James blamed himself.
He lost the job and the home within days. Soon he was living out of trashcans, begging on the streets. Relying on the kindness of strangers worked well when they saw him being pitiful, though no always.
Likes: Cookies, pizza, Disney movies, electricity, nice people, friendship, being nice, sharing secrets (some secrets, some of the time), ice cream, sugar, milk, sundaes, being clean, being in control
Dislikes: Large amounts of water, hurting people, being afraid, his secrets, mean people, vegetables, scary movies, families, parents
Plot Points that May Come with Character: Anything involving hospitals makes him freak out, giving him opportunities to be a good friend are always plotful, there can be things about when they meet as well as the process of getting to know a fairly crazy young homeless man. That’s a built in plot! He’s also highly confused about what friendship means as well as family and love. So it’s all something that can be worked on and out while playing.
Other Facts:


How to reach you: AIM is codeshygirl or e-mail is danielleb(at)bogolub(dot)com
Preferred RP Method: I like AIM but I’ll try just about anything you offer, really.
Your RP style: Third person past tense is what I like best.
Length Preference: Up to a paragraph is most typical, but I can push myself farther to fit a scene or sometimes do a one-liner exchange.
Peeves: It depends on the player. Some players can do things that never bother me and on other people is comes across wrong. The biggest issue here would be never IMing me. I’m very bad and nervous about IMing people and about pressing RP. I guess the second part would be that I’d like to know if you enjoy the RP. Just tell me what you like, what you don’t like, what you want. I like collaborative writing.
Likes: I love people who IM me. Seriously, huge amounts of love for people who are willing to put up with me being weird and are willing to IM me. And, seriously, just tell me what you want. Ask for RP if you want RP. I’ve got a lot of free time and love to RP.
Comments: I’m always open to running multiple plots and can create characters off the top of my head. So if you ever want to just try something random, feel free to ask me about it. I love trying new things!

RP SAMPLE: (Mizore was a character James was played against, as I have no slightly-longer portions written for him. She is not mine and therefore nothing written with her is mine. Only the lines about James are written by me.)

"I." James paused and sparked, a random woman across the room doing a bit of a jerky dance. "I. I. Don't. I don’t.” And when the woman fell down, James curled tighter in on himself.

Mizore gasped a bit as the woman fell, watching people get up to help her. She turned her gaze to James. "Did you do that?"

James jerked his head down, burying it in knees. "Just helped. Used to. Um. Please. Please. Um. Didn't mean. Mean to." He was hiccupping and almost sobbing. "Spooky. I want. I want Spooky."

"I don't...I don't know who Spooky is." Mizore felt a bit flustered at being unable to help this boy. She frowned, looking around in some vain hope that someone would be wearing a nametag that said 'Spooky'. "Please don't cry."

James couldn't really stop then, sobbing. "Spooky. Spooky's at. At school." He curled up tighter, sparking a bit brighter.

"What am I supposed to do?" Mizore asked.

There was no answer for that and James just curled tighter, still sobbing. All he wanted was Spooky. Or Cole. Or Oliver. Or even Tim. "Didn't mean to."

Mizore was panicking a bit. This was just not good. Children crying near her made her wholly uncomfortable. And she didn't know who or what a Spooky was, but she was suddenly feeling very angry with him/her/it for not being there. And then, she disappeared. Or rather, she squashed herself into a puddle, dripping off of her chair and onto the floor.

That startled James enough to almost entirely make him stop crying. Not really, but it helped. People didn't normally disappear. And get replaced by puddles. "Um." He sniffled and wiped at his eyes. "Mizore?"


James sounds like an awful lot of fun. I have a few older male characters that I've been eager to remove, ones that would fit with him well, I think. If you're interested, I'm on AIM as thesuicidestick and on MSN as a_tsurugi@hotmail.com. I'll IM you too if you're online.

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