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guardian_yugi in rp_classifieds

The Rooster Crows.

Character's Name: Yoshiro Ishikawa.
Nickname: Ero-Ondori. Pervert Rooster. Rooster.
Age: 29.
Gender: Male.
Race/Species: Human.
Sexual Orientation: Closet bi.
Position in Bed: Both ways. He's a flexible rooster.
Appearance: Yoshiro stands at 6six feet. He has dirty blond hair and blue eyes. His hair takes on a rooster crest of a faux-hawk while most of it hangs normally. It's truly an odd thing and he can't get it to stay down. Yoshiro is of a medium build and usually wears old baggy clothes with oil stains on them from work. He has stubble, which he refuses to shave.
Personality: Ladies' Man. He flirts with every woman he can find and beds as many as his stamina allows. However, he's been known to follow a man or two every now and then.
Type Character Would be Interested in: Horses who are shy. The bigger they are, the better... but he loves gentle giants.
Type Character Would Despise: Anyone who hurts someone else, especially if they hurt a lady.
Character's Universe and Setting: Regular old world. Like 1985-esque.

Yoshiro's mother died of a genetic disease when Yoshiro was only 16. His brother, Masahiro, told him not to leave the family... but Yoshiro vowed he wanted to do what he could to support them.

He attended school and studied to become a mechanic, quickly rising through the ranks. Eventually, Yoshiro graduated and became a mechanic... one of the best. His own creation, the Metallings, are a type of metallic strap on wings that allow him to fly when he needs to get somewhere fast. He uses them for house calls, not to show off... though that helps.

His brother Masahiro changed his name to Kurouda and married a young woman named Missao. They now have a baby named Jiu Rou. As an uncle, Yoshiro is learning how not to be overly perverted... he has to be an adult sometimes too.

Likes: Wine, Women (men) and Song... AND ANY KIND OF CLOTHING WITH FRINGE.
Dislikes: Being told he's gay. Seeing women cry.
Character Journal: I RP on AIM WhiteAsh001 or on MSN WhiteAsh_001@hotmail.com
Plot Points that May Come with Character: Yoshiro enjoys strip clubs, bars, and his garage. Any kind of situation is fine and dandy.
Other Facts: Smexin' wise: I will not RP Shota or MPREG. I will RP BDSM, rape, mutual sex, casual sex, and kama sutra fun.


Name: Carolyn Steven
How to reach you: Aim: WhiteAsh001 MSN: Whiteash_001@hotmail.com
Preferred RP Method: MSN definitely.
Your RP style: I play in any way at all. Detailed script format is always fun for quick action... but I will do story as well.
Length Preference: Anything, really.
Likes: The ability to spell and use proper grammar would be a must have in anyone who RPs with me.
Comments: I will not RP Shota or MPREG.


Yoshiro took in a deep breath as he scratched his chest. The sun was shining and the girls were gorgeous... especially the daughter of the fat cat that had visited him about that run down old motorcycle. It had been fun to repair. He looks at his hands.

"Covered in grease as usual." he sighed, wondering if he'd ever manage to avoid doing such a thing.

Dragging a hand through his hair, then kicking himself for it as he'd just seen how dirty his hands were, yoshiro began packing up for the end of the day. It was time to head back home...

...at least... he thought it was. He had one last caller on his list. How had he forgotten? Hurrying to his Metallings, Yoshiro strapped them on and took to the sky, hoping the caller wasn't upset with him for forgetting completely.

"Stupid... he's going to be pissed. Here's hoping he has a daughter." he sighed.

At least sweet talking a chick will perk me up.



April 2010

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