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Cartoon ♠ Rainbow vomit

_mistress in rp_classifieds

Character's Name: Tanaka Yasuhiro
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: homosexual
Position in Bed: both, would love someone who wouldn't mind switching between top and bottom
Appearance: At a short height of only 5'1" Hiro is a rather attractive teen, his jet black hair falls to his shoulders, two chunks right in the front are dyed an electric blue. He has black eyes that just seem to make people drownin them when they look into them. The nineteen year old isn't built by any means, just thin. Yasuhiro prefers to just wear jeans, ripped by him if he has a clean pair, also prefering the darker colored clothing though he is rather bright behind closed doors, always wanting to have a good time.
Personality: Most people call him cute, though he hates it and wish that they didn't. He wants to seem attractive, sexy, and while his past boyfriends would tell him he was, they more often than not told him he was cute. As mentioned earlier he loves to have a good time, no matter what he is doing. He loves to go dancing, erotic with another male or just by himself hoping to meet someone. Yasuhiro is a bit quiet around new people, though if they just stick with him for at least a few hours he will blossom like a flower, showing his pretty smile constantly. He is also OCD, while it isn't too prominent he has to keep everything clean and put away, often taking showers right after sex, he also counts stairs. He usually takes two to three showers a day, and hates dirty bedsheets.
Type Character Would be Interested in: Someone who would be willing to put up with his condition, gladly, who is nice and flexible. He also has a thing for men who are taller than him.
Type Character Would Despise: A person who is disrespectful and dirty, who won't let him do the things he needs to do to keep sane.
Character's Universe and Setting: earth, modern
History: Yasuhiro never had a good homelife, his mother died when he was little and his father often beat him excessively after she died, he even paid him to leave; it was how he was able to get an apartment. He left gladly, all his wounds had healed since, both physical and emotional. Though when he feels that he is getting yelled at he often will curl in on himself because he believes he will be hit.
Likes: The color blue, ripped jeans, showers, taller men, dancing, eye liner
Dislikes: messy anything, greasy hair, disrespectful people
Character Journal: none
Plot Points that May Come with Character: He often goes for walks in downtown tokyo, also frequents a certain club
Other Facts: not really


Name: Shannon
How to reach you: preferably aim = niikura sama or burn out gold, but if I'm not online you can email me at KaorusVampiress@vampirefreaks.com
Preferred RP Method: messenger and email is cool
Your RP style: third person
Length Preference: doesn't matter as long as I can work with it, though the more the better as long as it gives me and insight to the character
Peeves: no first person. at all. I can't stand it.
Likes: I love people who have very original muses and ideas
Comments: none really <3

RP SAMPLE: It was showertime and Yasuhiro was running back home, he had been at the park just watching everything that was going on when he checked his watch, realizing he was almost late for his 3 o'clock shower. If he missed it he would have to take more of his medication because it would mess up his entire schedule. Once he was in his apartment he ran inside, stripping his clothes off on his way to the bathroom, the water was on and he was in by 3:00:59. And he let out a deep breath, there, everything was in order. Smiling his pretty smile he started washing his hair, humming a small tune to himself. Life was good, at least his OCD was in check.



April 2010

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