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Where roleplay characters can meet and greet
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Do you have a character that's been stewing with no one to play with for months? Someone you've just created but aren't sure how to present to your current RP partners? Or do you just want to play with people you've designed and can't seem to find someone who's interested?

Well here's your chance to let your character do the talking. This is a place for our lonely pre-made or abandoned creations to find that special someone.

Below is an application that can be used for each character you want to display. Any sort of character is welcome here- gay, straight, bi, whatever. Human, vampire, catboy. Advertise whatever you want, as long as you put every request behind a cut.

When creating a cut for your character's application, use the text for the cut to start a personal ad. "Straight white male seeks adventurous female..." or "A-sexual Klingon seeks juggling cat..." whatever your character's persuasion might be.

You're welcome to post as many characters as you want, in a single post- or separately. Your choice.

Here's the application, all set up for you! Just cut and paste, then replace the words in parenthesis with your own answers. Simple as that.

Good luck and happy posting!