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Character's Name: Rodion Utkin
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Position in Bed: Total switch, but he has to be in control in some way or another
Appearance: Rodion is a curly-haired man who looks younger than he is. He’s skinny, on the short side, and almost always smiling. His defense against the world was a smile and it’s not etched onto his face. Finding him without it is unusual and rarely done outside of very private and safe areas. But it’s a real smile nonetheless because he lives by pushing aside his worries for a later time.
Being deaf has left no marks on him and hearing aids are useless. The first sign most people notice is simply that he doesn’t respond to sounds of any sort. The next sign is his utter lack of speech. While he can use sign language fluently, he often prefers to simply speak a more general language of gestures. He finds it easier and also much more fun.
His body language is young and exuberant most of the time. He overreacts to everything and makes small sounds of which he is utterly unaware.
Personality: His exuberance and appearance convince most people that he’s a teenager. But he has multiple published papers and is recognized in academia as a very good mathematician. He isn’t much in the lecture circuit but rather focuses on theoretical work. And he prefers to work alone, simply because communicating with others is often a struggle.
But he loves people. He often finds himself spending his free time in small cafes, little restaurants and bars and other places that allow him to build up a rapport with the people around him as quickly as possible. It’s easiest to communicate with people who have something in common with him, even if it is just a setting.
He also loves to play billiards, ping pong and other games that rely on angles, reflexes and the ability to see how to make something move in the right direction. He’s really good at Tetris. But the games he most enjoys are the ones that let him be social. And he’s a good winner, even if he does like to celebrate a bit. He always buys drinks or food afterward for the loser, if they let him. Some people might call him a pool shark.
His work hours are erratic and reflect his interests; he likes to go out to almost all his meals and so he tends to work before and after meals rather than during them. He never misses a meal out of his office. His favorite meal of the day is lunch. But he also goes out for breakfast and dinner, every day. They might not be expensive but he’d never miss a single one.
Type Character Would be Interested in: In truth, Rodion is very open to people. He likes to give people chances and doesn’t judge them based on anything. He’ll even be polite to people who make fun of him. But he prefers people who are good at reading body language, patient, and willing to forgive him if he misreads their lips or misses a bit because he was looking away. The person also has to be able to deal with his late night and occasional strange hours for when he feels the need to work late.
Type Character Would Despise: Anyone who dismisses people who can’t talk, anyone who mocks disabilities, people who don’t care about math, cruel people, bullies, people who don’t move their mouths when they talk
Character's Universe and Setting: I will say this… I can play Rodion in any setting. He was designed for either sci-fi or realistic, but I’m fairly sure I could morph him into anything at all. So this can be a discussion or your pick or we can just flip coins! Whatever floats out boats.
History: Roidon was born dirt poor. His family had nothing. When it was found that he was profoundly deaf, he was three years old. But his parents, a pair of kind but not very bright people, couldn’t afford to get him checked before that. And they never thought to worry about that kind of thing. That did affect his development a great deal. His parents couldn’t afford to send him to school or get him help when he was young and he never learned to speak or read.
When he started school at six, he mostly sat in the back of the room and ignored the class. No one expected anything of him. But when he was twelve and entered a school organized by subject, his teachers started to notice something. He was very good at math, even though he couldn’t understand their words. The numbers simply made sense to him. He struggled with any problem beyond basic algebra due to his lack of language, though.
And that was when he started to learn sign language. There was a teacher of advanced mathematics who had a deaf nephew. Her knowledge of sign language was minimal but she did her best to teach him. And he learned just enough for his mathematics works. With that, he improved quickly.
Getting him into a college took a lot of work. But there were scholarships for the Deaf, for the Mute, for mathematics majors, for students from disadvantages areas, and he applied for all of them with a little help. His teachers pulled strings and talked to any and all professors they knew as well as their alma maters. He got into a small college that focused on students with learning difficulties and allowed him to skip courses in writing and reading for the sake of math.
He graduated with honors and was published even before he did. And that was when he went to find his way out in the world, on his own, still deaf and still mute, but with talent. At least, a kind of talent.
Likes: Bright color, shiny objects, vibrations, sweet drinks, billiards, ping pong, cookies, math, numbers, equations, friends, horror movies, flowers, soft textures, hard surfaces, chairs that move (wheels/rocking/swinging), chocolate scented objects
Dislikes: People who talk without moving their lips, music, sour food/drink, powdery textures, dialogue-based movies, fire, the countryside, spoiled people, poor people, people who care about wealth, uneducated people, illiterate people, needles
Character Journal: I can make one if you want.
Plot Points that May Come with Character: I really would love to see someone decide to try to teach him to talk. That could be a real adventure. I could also see some things about him being bullied by people around him and trying to live as a deaf-mute (at least in the start) in a world totally not designed for that.


Name: Danielle
How to reach you:
AIM: codeshygirl
YIM: wormori
E-mail: danielleb@bogolub.com
Or comment here or PM me or comment on my journal. I’m very open to different methods of communication.
Preferred RP Method: I’m best on AIM. But I’ve done everything under the sun at this point, practically. So… just hit me up and we’ll talk!
Your RP style: If we write in full sentences, it’s always third person, past tense. I’ve done script form. It was a long, long time ago but I’m willing to give it a try again if you want.
Length Preference: Anything from one sentence to two paragraphs and I’ve done longer, I’m just not that good at it. As long as you can communicate what needs to be said, I’m down with it! I do warn you that I can be very concise, though. I do try to match what I’m sent.
Peeves: ((What things annoy you with a new RP partner))
Likes: ((Name some things you'd love to find in a new RP partner))
Comments: I’m really looking for some active RP because the last successful group I was in died on me recently and all my other one-on-one players are pretty much super-busy and responding once a month or so.

RP SAMPLE: I played James (littlebrokenboy).



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