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Teenaged medical genius on a long-term space research mission seeks much older male lover to take ca

Character's Name: Tyler ‘Ty’ Paulent
Age: 17 years old
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Caucasian/Human
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Position in Bed: Utter submissive, afraid to speak up regarding likes/dislikes, likely to put up with pain rather than correct a partner.
Appearance: Tyler is a thin, very hyper young man/older teen. He has a head of dark brown hair that he keeps cropped short. He does cut it on his own, leaving his with a shaggy and uneven hairstyle that rarely looks good so much as it just looks short. His appearance is unimportant to him and it’s rare to see him looking clean or polished ever since he got out of his father’s grasp. He, in fact, prefers to go several days without doing anything beyond minimal washing as proof of his own independence. But he doesn’t even let it get worse than greasy hair and maybe a few tangles.
He tends to wear the assigned uniform of a medical officer (green tunic-shirt and bright red pants) even when off duty. If actually asked to wear casual clothing, he falls back on a very ratty, stained pair of jeans and a small collection of polo shirts that are a bit too big for him. Clothing for formal events, though, he has in abundance and is prepared for any event that may possibly occur. But he is unlikely to wear those outfits unless forced and has them stuffed under his bed.
Personality: Hyperactive genius with daddy issues describes the bare bones of exactly who he is. Tyler rarely seems to focus, though he is always listening. Fidgeting is his way of processing information and the more active he is, the more he’s trying to understand. People use to refer to him as ADHD personified until they realized how much he was actually listening. When he talks, he tends to babble, but if he doesn’t talk he won’t talk at all. Anyone older than him is referred to as sir or ma’am and he is supremely polite to absolutely everyone, older or younger.
Even when he gets to know a person, he rarely gets too close. It’s hard to know if there’s another type of personality under the hyperactive little genius who runs around and does whatever people tell him to do. He’s very easily cowed and never fights back for his rights or his needs or his wants. That’s why many people want him as a friend. He’ll do anything, in truth, for a friend. Absolutely anything. But he never asks anything of his friends. Getting him to open up can take a lot of time and effort, and even then he tries to cover up and ignore the past. It’s just easier that way.
Type Character Would be Interested in: He needs someone like his dad, but less harsh. His father was a physically/emotionally abusive former army general who believed that the only purpose of children was to mold them to be exactly who their parents wanted them to be. What Tyler needs and wants is someone who will help take charge of his life, help take charge of him and generally provide him with a solid foundation/support he can turn to whenever things get complicated or painful.
Type Character Would Despise: There’s really no one he would deliberately avoid, but a relationship with someone of equal level/age/experience would be highly unlikely. He doesn’t see people his own age/rank as worth anything much.
Character's Universe and Setting: It’s a giant space ship! Think of any of the research vessels they discussed on Star Trek, make it more generic, add in a general assembly of planets, a few strange alien species, several recently-ended galactic wars and you’ll be right there.
History: Tyler’s mother died on a dangerous mission a few months after he was born. Before that, he was just a typical infant. But his father, a general who had lead many armies through winning battles despite horrible odds, was not the kind of man who should have been left in change of an infant. He saw Tyler as another soldier, one to turn into exactly who he wanted. And that was exactly what he tried to do. Starting at just under a year old, he beat his son whenever he displayed what he considered to be backtalk or sass. He dressed the little boy in tiny suits at all times and would berate him for hours before a beating if he got the tiniest stain on his clothing.
It wasn’t until elementary school that Tyler had any idea that wasn’t normal. But he soon learned that neither his childhood nor he was normal. In fact, that little beaten boy was an absolute prodigy in mathematics, science and any field of study combining the two. He could grasp, intuitively, entire concepts that often took years of study for people to master. His father’s only shining moment was when he fought for his son to be placed in an appropriate grade for his understanding, which was how he ended up in college by the time he was ten years old. And it was at his father’s urging that he enrolled into pre-med. The program suited his nature very well, letting him absorb information effortlessly and then be able to apply it to real world applications.
He was in med school at 13, one of the youngest ever, and he excelled. But he was growing desperate to get away from his father. The only way out that he saw was… space. When he applied for his residency at 16, he applied to the fleet of research ships. It was no surprise when he was accepted and now he resides on the ship going the farthest from Earth, a ship not expected to return home for decades, and he has never been gladder.
Likes: Medicine, math, science, anatomy, white, safety, vegetables, other people (not his father), engineering, manliness, being taken care of, treating illnesses, surgery, mechanics
Dislikes: Public speaking, his father, large crowds, fruits, sweets, coffee, anything overly sugary, figuring out his own life, living alone, being alone, people younger than him, people who hit him
Character Journal: None, atm. I can always make one, if we want to do RP via comments… but I have tons of other ways to reach me. It ought not be a problem!
Plot Points that May Come with Character: I really, really want this storyline to be Tyler finding a lover/father figure type of person. There are tons of things that can happen, from generalized bullying to specific incidents on the ship that affect them. I just want him to have a ‘safe place’.
Other Facts: Nope! :D


Name: Danielle
How to reach you: AIM: Codeshygirl
E-mail: DanielleB@bogolub.com
YIM (e-mail me first, I rarely sign onto this): Wormori
Preferred RP Method: Messenger or e-mail, but I’ll do just about anything.
Your RP style: Third person paragraph
Length Preference: A few sentences, up to two/three paragraphs. Be warned, I tend to not write the longest entries but I can if you ask. I don’t do flowery, though, or tons of unneeded details and thoughts.
Peeves: Anyone utterly unwilling to IM me first. I don’t look at my buddy list unless I’m signing on or coming back from being away. I will not see if you sit there and wait for me to notice. I promise. Otherwise? I prefer that you don’t use chatspeak.
Likes: Anyone willing to compromise on plots, anyone who likes hurt/comfort as much as I do. I like partners who can tell me if I’m being unfair/not contributing/being controlling. Please don’t just ~let me~. I can be very oblivious to how I come off sometimes.
Comments: I really like RP, but I’m not the best conversationalist. I will appreciate you, I will like talking to you, I might just not express it very well.


:c I don't have any time to RP right now, but reading through this, I quite like your character! The plot idea you've spun sounds very interesting... best of luck finding someone!
I'm interested! I have an engineer character I've been working on, and this setting sounds like he'd fit in perfectly. My aim is Ravenclawchickee, or would you prefer having my email?
I love AIM, personally! Let's try it.
Aww, Tyler sounds fun, but oh, dear, do I have the characters to choose from. I'll have to think.

Anywho, I'm pretiossissime on AIM, if you want. ^^
:D Woo, I am totally interested!
Awesome. Like I said, I'll have to think, but I may be able to convert a character into the proper arena. I'll get back to you on AIM with more thought out details possibly tomorrow.
Hopefully, I'll be around at the right time. But feel free to leave me a message while I'm away babysitting! I always get back to people.

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