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Robespierre :: Not Amused

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Man seeking...

Character's Name: Harry Fisher
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual – leaning towards women.
Position in Bed: Dominant with both men and women.
Appearance: Harry looks as though he has had a hard life, although he dresses well it is not enough to hide the scars or the tiredness in his face. He has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He often wears fashionable clothes.

Personality: Harry Fisher is a social climber. He's handsome and a known patron of the arts, aiming to marry one of those wealthy French heiresses swanning around court, or even an English woman, if she's rich enough. He is also a thug who rose through the ranks by killing anyone who got in his way. He is manipulative, nasty and vicious.

Type Character Would be Interested in: submissive, naive young men and women who he can use to his own ends. Harry wants people who are frighted and in awe of him.
Type Character Would Despise: Rivals for his power – criminally or relationships wise. He also despises noble men because they have more money and power than him.
Character's Universe and Setting: Harry lives in England during the 1700s and 1800s at the height of the French Revolution. He is a social climber who uses threats, blackmail and smuggling to exploit the volatile situation.

History: Years ago, Harry Fisher was a common, run-of-the-mill thug. He had a boss, and Harry did his bidding. Murders, robberies, collecting money from those who didn't want any trouble, smuggling, and the rest. Harry spent several years working his way through what passed as a hierarchy in those circles, until he was a trusted bodyguard and confidant of the gang leader. Harry, charismatic and friendly, as well as ambitious, saw a way to climb to the very top of the ladder, and killed the man who had once trusted him. Rumour says Harry made the man's wife his mistress, and then with her encouragement killed her husband, and not long after killed her also. Harry seems happy to let this rumour continue and spread, becoming darker and darker with every re-telling.

A couple of years ago, Harry saw a business opportunity in the form of a theatre, re-possessed by debt-collectors. He purchased the building, and hired new staff, young, pretty Variety actors who could draw in the right sort of crowds, and the cash, and work after the curtain went down for private admirers. He normally acts as a chaperon for boys who go out with favoured patrons.

As well as prostitution, there is cock- and dog- fighting, burglary, smuggling, the black-market as well as political manipulation and bribery to keep Harry busy. He has two prize Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Blitzer and Hawker, who he likes to take to the theatre when the actors start acting out of hand.

Likes: Dog fights, money, rich women, power, playing mind-games, being in charge, boys.
Dislikes: threats, anyone trying to rival his power base, people who think they're smarter than he is, people with more power than him
Character Journal: social_climber
Plot Points that May Come with Character: Harry wooing a young woman. Her discovering what type of businesses he really owns. Harry murdering one of his rivals. Harry bribing politicians to enact laws he wants passed.
Other Facts: Harry Fisher is not actually his real name.


Name: Jonathan
How to reach you: toujoursliberer.rpg@googlemail.com
Preferred RP Method: By journal
Your RP style: Third person.
Length Preference: From one paragraph to several.
Peeves: Chatspeak, inability to capitalize, wanting to play out strictly romance plots.
Likes: Interesting plot ideas, that they’ve invented a character who has a life outside my character, willing to play extended plot lines over a number of months.
Comments: Although the game is a historical one there is no need for people to approach it like a history exam. It’s really about drama and intrigue more than getting dates or names correct.

RP SAMPLE: London streets were cold this time of year, and after dark, always misty this close to the river. Around here, no one would come running if they heard a scream, apart from in the opposite direction. This was Harry's part of town. With it's ale-houses and theatres, brothels and slum houses, held together by the crumbling buildings either side, it was a part of London a man could claim as a kingdom, and that was what Harry had done. but it wasn't big enough any more. That was why he'd bought himself the town-house. That was why he'd filled it with French furniture too good to be reunited with it's escaped owners, or sold on the black market. This was his palace, away from the slum dwellings of his subjects.

But this wasn't the place he was conducting business tonight. Tonight, he was in the posh part of town, not far from Regent's Park. This was area filled with town-houses that only saw occupation from the country gents that visited twice a year, filled with parliament big-wigs, merchants who had risen above their station. But inside those immaculate houses, Harry knew they were just as dirty as his slums. He was waiting outside one of those houses now, waiting for two of his boys to finish his work before taking him back home. He could have paid someone to do this for him, he knew. He could have paid, and gone home, to his own bed. But that wasn't for him. That was how his boss, years ago now, had become complacent, and that was how messy deaths happened.

He was woken from his thoughts as the front door of the house was opened, and a pool of light from the hall lit the steps between the house and the hackney carriage. There was the sound of giggling, drunken singing and laughter from within, but all Harry focused on what the two slim figures making their way down the steps. "A good night?" Harry asked as the boys climbed inside, their hair tousled, lips swollen and cheeks blushing. One of the nodded, the other only blushed brighter. "Good to hear." Harry breathed, and tapped the roof off the carriage, a signal for the driver to take them back. "Although I suppose you'll both want a bath tomorrow." He added


christ that all sounds so fascinating :o

not sure i could make up a paragraph a post, though, if your paragraphs are as long as your sample :\ much more of a "less words more action" type of writer. but the character is pretty awesome, nevertheless ^^.

<---has an inability to capitalize outside of gameplay, also. :x
That's okay! I only capitalise because Firefox makes me ><''

Most of our posts aren't all that long, really, aside from the first which gets the ball rolling! As long as the other player/players have enough to reply to, it doesn't matter.

If you're interested, we've got a lot of characters open at the moment, and you are of course free to invent your own. As well as gang members and employees, my character Harry also needs some rivals in the criminal underworld!

April 2010

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