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Elfquest: Soulmates dance

thoughtthestars in rp_classifieds

No such thing as enough RP. Ever.

Character's Name: Moniguahontilakaul (But just call him Moni, please)
Age: Due to being a minor deity, he is physically 27 and actually thousands of years old (not including time spent dead/in-stasis)
Gender: Male
Race/Species: A minor protection god of a small town, formerly a young wizard
Sexual Orientation: Very confused but mostly gay
Position in Bed: Although emotionally submissive, he tends to be very dominant physically due to his height and strength
Appearance: Moni is 7’6”. That the first thing most people notice about him, as it’s very hard to miss. He’s build like a stick but doesn’t try to hide it. Physical strength isn’t what he needs or cares about. He’s completely scar free, physically. His skin and body heals perfectly and almost instantly, depending on the injury. But he never scars, so one might think he’s lead an easy life on first seeing him. After noticing his height and his pasty skin, his hair comes in focus; dark brown, tied into a tight ponytail that just barely falls past his shoulders, it’s fine, thin and limp. Most often noticed last, his eyes are a bright, bright golden color that should be noticed before they are but are rarely, as he tries to hide the color most of the time. It’s an indication of his godhood, which he might stick to stubbornly but of which he is ashamed. He also has almost invisible hearing aids in his ears, which he almost never removes and are rarely of any concern to anyone but him.
Personality: One of the most stubborn gods in the universe, Moni will never back down from a challenge, even if he knows he’ll lose. He’d fight the universe itself if he thought it would help change things for the better. But when his people were destroyed after rejecting him as their god, he felt it was his own fault that they met their demise. This drives him to maddeningly stupid feats sometimes. When he comes to care for a person, place or thing, he’ll become very protective and can go a little crazy. He’ll do anything to keep someone safe, from stalking them to break off all connections if he sees himself as causing them danger. Past the protective streak is a naively romantic heart. Truly, Moni believes that things will turn out right… just for other people, not himself. Although he’s most often alone, he’s actually very much an emotional and physical person. It’s just hard to do that and protect them all at the same time.
Type Character Would be Interested in: Moni likes mysteries. He’s attracted to things he can’t quite understand but wants to, especially if he sees it as something he could help or fix. He’s got a very strong protective streak and a quick guilt response.
Type Character Would Despise: Anyone who doesn’t respect magic or wants him to give up his godhood for any reason, as well as anyone who would object to his occasional needs to protect people and to just fight for a better world
Character's Universe and Setting: Originally Moni was set in a fantasy world with a portal to this world. He would travel between the two universes freely, spending most of his time here protecting people in secret and going back only to recharge, He can be also be played in an all-fantasy universe or one where he’s gone from a world of magic to one without. All that matters is that he is magical.
History: Moni was born to people who have been dead a long time. Most of his family is inconsequential except to know that his parents were very protective of him once it was learned he would fulfill a prophecy and that he had a younger brother who was a bit slow and who he protected as his parents protected him.
When Moni turned 20, he was ritually sacrificed in the hopes he would become a protective spirit or ghost for the small city of magical folks. But the counsel of elder gods gave him a choice in the form of a prophecy. He could become a spirit and his people would live for a thousand years before being wiped out completely, no one would ever know they had existed; he could become a god and his people would only live 500 years and be remembered forever because he and another would survive the final raids.
Moni chose the second option because he feared too much the deaths of many and being forgotten, although many times he’s regretted that choice. And it came to pass that 500 years later, Moni and his younger brother Hounti were kept safe from the final raid that destroyed their people, but not their library. The works were kept safe and eventually passed on to a new generation of wizards. But Moni’s choice had left a scar on the brothers. Hounti eschewed his brother for choosing their lives and killed him after years of torment the deity quietly accepted as his due. He rose again a thousand years later, at the wishes of those who had found the library. By then Hounti had lived and died, but his legacy was even stronger, a religion that taught that people were evil, cruel beings who needed punishment, torture.
Moni has never created his own religion or his own following, although the ones who read the library certainly believe in him. Instead he set out on his own.
Likes: Good deeds, protection, kindness, fluffy animals, strength
Dislikes: Evil doers, cowards, people who give up, anyone who’s too weak to protect their loved ones, elder gods, prophecies
Plot Points that May Come with Character: Moni feels a compulsion to protect the weak and will, at all costs. He’s also very easy to emotionally manipulate, surprisingly naïve, cynical about some things and will forget anyone of his own needs for the sake of caring for others. That enough plot points? Heh. He also has a younger brother who went evil a long, long time ago and has massed quite a following in some places. It stands for everything Moni hates.
Other Facts: Moni was originally created for a one-on-one RP with a multitude of characters and many other deities. Although he’s one of the weakest and doesn’t display a lot of talents in that regard, he is very overpowered compared to most characters people create. He also comes with a lot of baggage and several minor characters strongly associated with him. Just a warning.


Name: Danielle
How to reach you: codeshygirl:AIM wormori:YIM theboystaring@hotmail.com: MSN (never used this one for RP before) danielleb(at)bogolub(dot)com: E-mail
Preferred RP Method: I’ll try anything once, but I’m very much a messenger girl.
Your RP style: I’ll try anything except first person and I’m kinda rough at present tense.
Length Preference: 2-3 sentences is a minimum, more is always nice
Peeves: It’s kind of hard to annoy me as long as I can tell you like the RP and you’re willing to IM me.
Likes: People who IM me and people who like to randomly discuss plots.

RP SAMPLE: (This is going to be a liiittle awkward, as I’m kind of at work as I write this… Sorry.)

Moni sat silently at the bottom of the steps, watching the sun change angles in the sky. A day hadn’t seemed like a long time to him in… a very long time, when he thought about it. It seemed like forever, like time had never meant anything. But he knew, he knew, that it had meant something once. No longer, not as he sat in silence in front of an old and broken door in a broken neighborhood and watched the sky for the twinkling of the first stars. Slowly they drifted in and he smiled as he unfolded himself from his seat, stretching lanky legs. The sounds of gunshots came from a distance away and he turned quickly, suddenly, jerking his head towards the sound and running.



April 2010

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