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Character's Name: Simon Flanenko
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human
Sexual Orientation: Never had an encounter
Position in Bed: Probably bottom
Appearance: Pretty tall at about 5'10, 5'11, with a lanky physique. A step up from pale, with dark brown hair. Medical experiments/'try outs' to help with his condition have left the the once blue color of the irises to fade into a near white, leaving the cornea to be a dark halo around the pupil. He always likes dressing in suits, even if it's just the dress-shirt or the vest over it, and ESPECIALLY LOVES his fedora hat, which has two pink feathers stuck in the band. Hence one of his nicknames; 'Senor Flamingo'.
Personality: With his medication, he's an outgoing, calm, 'special' kind of person. He smiles and loves talking about things and asking about other things and people, like a curious little kid. As the medication begins it's decline though, he starts to get nervous and will want to hide away to go and take it. He doesn't want to be seen as a problem, as big as his problem may be.
Type Character Would be Interested in: Someone with patience, lots of it, and a protective sort of drive.
Type Character Would Despise: A teaser, someone who would bring him down or abuse him.
Character's Universe and Setting: Post-WW2, or an alternate time during the same era.
History: Simon was the eldest son of a wealthy agent of the KGB, the rest of his six siblings not that far behind. He was a normal child for the first years, but the further along he had gotten, the more the family realized that he was literally losing his mind. It started out as something similar to OCD; he began to retrace steps, touching things a certain number of times and phobias of certain colors like purple or yellow. He began to stutter, and repeat phrases and words, his head and arm began to go through tics and twitches. When he had his first seizure at 13, the family knew it was only going to get worse, and began to look for alternative medicines. Some only made the matter worse, and with so many taken in a five year period until they found the right one, much of the family had given up and wanted Simon to pass on to a better life.
As their father nears death, the six siblings still wish for that one thing; for Simon to die, as much of the wealth was going to be passed on to him. Fearing for the life of her son, the mother took him away from home, secretly committing him to a mental institution.
Likes: Pink, red, white, blue, black, apples, strawberries, oranges, peaches, chocolate, candy, red wine, birds, butterflies, whistles, soft things, his hat
Dislikes: Purple, yellow, grapes, lemons, bananas, loud noises, shrieks, empty bottles/containers
Character Journal: ((if applicable))
Plot Points that May Come with Character: We can play with the plot/story, with the other character being someone also in the institution, a doctor, someone hired by his father (like a bodyguard), etc
Other Facts: He just needs a lot of TLC <3


Name: Nae
How to reach you: AIM: A State of Daze or eMail: velrou(at)gmail.com
Preferred RP Method: IM is easiest, but I will do email.
Your RP style: usually third person, past tense or present tense. Will do script on occasion if partner is accustomed to that the most.
Length Preference: Short paragraph(s)
Peeves: I don't peeve easily, so I don't really have any. I'll let you know when you are though, don't worry about that. >D
Likes: Open to ideas, easy to contact, friendly OOC
Comments: I don't Fandom, as I don't know a lot of them as it is. If you do want to use a character from a Fandom, I don't mind, but don't expect me to enter the Fandom too, even with a million wikipedia links. If you have any questions about my kinks/etc feel free to ask

RP SAMPLE: - : :: "Easy target?" He raised and eyebrow. "What exactly are you on about?" He said, and shook his head. "Am I going to be forced to leave my favorite spot, just for som peace?"::
A State of Daze: He didn't answer, finishing his glass and getting up with the wine bottle in hand as well as the cork. "It was good to talk to someone so lowly and near death." mindfuck. "Have a wonderful night."
- : :: "Eh, bugger off." He said. He was tired of this. He stood, and suddenly he have every intention of going up to his room. He moved around, and managed stumble into the other, and drop his rum to the floor, the bottle smashing. He growned, unknowingly leaning aginst the other, arm over his shoulder. "Oh dear..." He said in an almost high pitch manner.::
A State of Daze: He turned around at the sudden smash on the floor, watching James waddle over and lean against him, smiling a bit. He corked the wine, his arm around the other's shoulder to keep him steady. "Come come my drunken friend, let's find you a place."



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